Monday, August 31, 2009

News Map

News Map offers new way to see the news - a visual representation of news which you can customise to your own particular interests (such as business, technology, health, soirts, entertainement, naional and world news). This site, powered by Google, provides a colour coded tree map of the most recent news stories which can be previewes by resting the mouse on the link of interest.


Things are not always what they appear to be. Mighy Optical Illusions offers a wide selection of interesting and fun optical illusions.


If you are in need of an intersting quotation, try This interesting blog offers a wide range of quotes covering many different topics. The blog lists people quoted but provides, near the bottom of the site, a search engine to help you find quotes on a topic of your choice.

Virtual Panoramas

360Cities provides access to many different virtual panoramas. It uses interactive photographs which users can explore looking in all directions or zooming in or out by clicking and dragging a mouse around the image.

360Cities has panoramas from around the world. On the site you can select a country and view a map and selection of thumbnail images each leading to panoramas and a written description of the city.

The site also enables users to create their own virtual tour or embed existing tours in non-commercial websites.

The example below is from the 360 website…

Amedee Coral Reef New Caledonia in New Caledonia

Friday, August 21, 2009

BBC Learning Zone

The BBC have a vast number of useful resources for teaching and learning.

The Learning Zone is a good place to start. This page can give you access to:

Class Clips which are short video clips which may be useful in the classroom to make a point or start discussions. The are suitable clips for all levels (primary, secondary and college).

Schools Television - providing a schedule of programmes coming up and a link to Bitesize Revision resources and teacher's notes.

Language and Travel - providing a schedule of programmes coming up and links to some useful language websites.


Apologies to everyone who has accessed my blog in the last month - I have been ill and unable to post. I am back now and will try to make up for the missing time!